Veo’s subscriptions

Find the right subscription for your needs. With all subscriptions, we give you unlimited storage of recordings, unlimited matches and all the included features of Veo Editor.


One team, up to four users. Choose this subscription if you plan to use Veo for private purposes and don’t need to share your recordings with a team or club. This subscription works across sports, so you can use the same camera for different sports.


One team, 30 users. Choose this subscription if you want to use the Veo Cam for one team only. On Veo Editor, all players and coaches of your team can have their own profile.


2-10 teams, 300 users. Choose this subscription if you want to share the same Veo Cam between different teams in your club. On the Veo Editor, you can have up to ten different teams with each their own space for analysis and communication.


Unlimited teams, unlimited users. Choose this subscription if your needs are a little more than the ordinary. Extraordinary organisations have extraordinary needs, and we understand that!

You always need one subscription per Veo Cam. Let’s take a couple of examples. If you plan to buy two Veo Cams and use them both for three different teams, you need two Club subscriptions. However, if you plan to buy Veo for your club’s six teams and they each have their own Veo Cam and never share them, you need six Team subscriptions.